Taco Soup and a SNOW DAY

22 Dec

It’s been a while since I sat down to blog. I’ve still been cooking and discovering new dishes, but I haven’t felt as inspired to write about them. And, then today happened. A snow day! A snow day on the first day of winter! The office was closed, so it was the perfect excuse to spend some quality time in the kitchen.

Tim and I trudged through the snow and walked to the grocery store this morning. After loading up on groceries for the next week, including ingredients for our first Christmas dinner, we came home and made a huge pot of soup. A snow day is the perfect day for soup and wearing pajamas all day, while watching Law & Order: SVU.

I’ve made this Taco Soup several times and it doesn’t last long in our house. It’s perfect for dinner, but even better for lunch the next day at work. Plus, anything you can eat with fritos is good in my book!

Now, to further enjoy my snow day, I think I’ll go take a nap…

Taco Soup

2 pounds ground turkey
1 yellow onion, diced
1 (14 1/2 oz) can diced fire-roasted tomatoes
1 (10 oz) can diced tomatoes and green chilies
2 (15 oz) cans black beans
1 (16 oz) can pinto beans
1 cup frozen corn kernels
2 (4 1/2 oz) cans chopped green chilies
1 (1 oz) enveloped taco seasoning
1 (1 oz) envelope ranch salad dressing and seasoning mix
2 cups water
Top with sour cream, cheese, green onions, and fritos

In a large skillet, brown ground turkey and onions over medium heat. Drain and transfer cooked ground turkey and onions to a large stockpot.

Add tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans, corn, and green chilies. Stir in the taco seasoning and ranch salad dressing mix. Add water to make into more of a soup, and less of a chili dish.

Cover the pot and simmer soup over low heat for at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

Serve in bowls and top soup with sour cream, cream cheese, green onions, and fritos. Enjoy!

Source: Ezra Pound Cake

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